HS Purifier

Specially developed for combating odor nuisance, hydrogen sulphide and E-coli bacterial emissions at water treatment plants.

Until now, no cheap treatment of hydrogen sulphide emissions was known. This is a worldwide problem. The HS Purifier offers an affordable solution

Waterzuivering pompstation


• Combating odor nuisance and danger from hydrogen sulphide in the environment

• Protection of electrical installations against oxidation

• Good sterilization and maximum reduction of E-coli emission

• Environmentally friendly air treatment without chemicals

• Easy installation even in existing situations

• Low purchase and maintenance costs


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Powerpoint presentation about the HS Purifier


Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is highly toxic, highly flammable and corrosive and is released during the breakdown process of human and animal feces, such as water purification. The pumping stations at water treatment plants are known to emit concentrations up to 1100 ppm. A concentration from 0.00047 ppm can be smelled, 20 ppm and higher gives eye irritation and 50-100 ppm leads to eye damage.

So there is a very serious problem. In addition, recent research shows that people in the wider area of ​​water treatment plants have an increased risk of contamination from the highly contagious and dangerous E-coli bacteria.

The HS Purifier is the first and only affordable and maintenance-friendly solution for the treatment of pumping station emissions. The patented UV-C and Ozone technology ensures an optimal reduction of H2S and bacteria emission.

User manual and drawing


Case   Pumpebrønd, Klintegårdsvej 25, Rudkøbing (2)

The unit can be placed in the control box of the pump. Via a

connection to a standard 110 mm sewage pipe is above

the liquid surface is continuously blown into an air treatment stream.


”At Svendborg Wastewater we carried out a test with JIMCO’s HS Purifier and showed that it effectively reduces H2S.” says technician Thomas Egel of Svendborg Wastewater in Denemark.


Officieel testrapport zal zo spoedig mogelijk op deze site worden bekend gemaakt.

Tijdens het behandelingsproces wordt zwavelwaterstof omgezet in een zwavel residu:


H2S+O3 -> SO22- of SO32-


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