Multi Air Cleaner 500S

Take advantage of the latest in air purification now!

mac500 sfeer No Bacteria with MAC500


• Deoderise

• Degrease

• Disinfect

• Sterilize

• Detoxify


The MAC 500 reduces almost 100% ethylene gas (very carcinogenic), bacteria, viruses (MRSA virus kills), fungi and unpleasant odors. Think wisely, use our environmentally friendly and affordable technology and avoid food loss during transport and / or storage of food with the MAC 500, see test report reduction of ethylene gas


It's all possible with such a mobile device! You know them, the existing air purifiers with HEPA and / or electrostatic filters. These cleaners purify the air by filtering and attracting dust. Wouldn't it be nice if bacteria, viruses and fungi were destroyed instead of being left in a filter. The DNA of microorganisms is destroyed by a high concentration of UV-C radiation. Active oxygen (O3) oxidizes bacteria, viruses and other organic substances. Organic substances such as fats, fried air, tobacco smoke and other unpleasant odors are also broken down and converted into water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Applicability Stuffy rooms, smoke-contaminated areas, waste storage areas, toilets, bedrooms, living rooms, hotel rooms, offices, veterinary clinics, nurseries, kitchens, food processing companies, boats, caravans, car cleaning, etc. Advantages No purchase of expensive ventilation and cleaning systems, low maintenance costs, mobile, easy to install, compact size, available in various colors and stainless steel version, low consumption costs. Capacity: maximum 60 m3. The units are provided with a CE mark and tested according to the standards of European legislation. Also available in 12 Volt and 24 Volt. Warranty period 1 year. Do not hesitate to request a competitive quote. Prices are only available by e-mail on request.

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Test certificate MAC500

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Environmental award

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