Very Powerful Compact Air Cleaner OZ 2000

Especially for short and powerful air cleanse during the absence of humans or animals. For compact spaces such as hotel rooms, schools, hospital rooms, etc.

oc 1000en200

  • No use of chemicals or filters
  • Environment friendly
  • Good sterilisation
  • Timer option available
  • Saving manpower
  • Easy to use
  • Capacity: spaces up to 250m3

Multi Clean Air specializes in tackling odour nuisance through world patented UV-C and OZON technology. The OZ 1000 and OZ 2000, equipped with ozone-producing UV-C lamps, are based on the same photolytic technology as all other patented products in our range.

The OZ 2000 is ideally suited for de-solving, sterilising and disinfecting rooms up to 125 m3. The powerful compact cleaner is also applicable to smaller severely contaminated areas. The applicable es are, for example, waste rooms, hotel rooms, storage depots, basically all areas that suffer from odour nuisance, fire damage and/or sterilization/disinfectant regulations.
Products supplied by Multi Clean Air cleaning through ozone and UV-C. Because the UV-C reacts with the natural oxygen in the environment, ozone is produced. The ozone reacts almost instantly with all the pollution and microorganisms in the environment. As it were, the nasty smells, microorganisms and pollution are oxidized. After the reaction, the ozone turns back into oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor.
Ozone is already smelled at 0.02 ppm, equivalent to 0.04 mg/ m3
Permissible concentration in a working environment is 0.10 ppm, equivalent to 0.20 mg/m3.
Ozone is not on the list of dangerous substances.

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If the OZ2000 is to be used, a time clock is highly recommended.


Again, during the treatment of the OZ1000, the presence of humans or animals in the room is not allowed!


If one wishes to enter the relevant room during the treatment of the OZ2000, at least a gas mask type 3M 4279 ABEK1P3D must be worn due to excessive concentration of ozone.


Recommended: Gas mask type 3M 4279 ABEK1P3D, is maintenance-free and suitable for use against organic and inorganic fumes, acid gases, dust and ammonia, including concentrated ozone.

  • Technical specifications (according to EEC standard)

Walter Schrijn: "As an ex-hotelier, I know from very good experience that an OZ 1000 or OZ 2000 is indispensable for the housekeeping of a hotel, accommodation, holiday park, etc.
 How often does it happen that there are still hotel guests, who still smoke secretly in their hotel room/holiday accommodation or leave nasty pungent smells.
 Try renting out your hotel room or holiday home to new guests, who don't like nasty smells.

Masking a well-intentioned spray can doesn't really help.
 Then an OZ 1000 or OZ 2000 is the right and fastest solution, it gives so many advantages (neutralizes, disinfects and oxidizes) and it prevents your important loss of income.
 Your small investment in this unique device will earn you back in no time."