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Special Partner of JIMCO for the Caribbean, Surinam, Indonesia, Central-America and Australia / New Zealand

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All our prices are in EURO’s and NO credit cards accepted.

MAC500-S and OZ2000: Only orders with a minimum of 10 units by email:

The Procedure is as follows:

Supplier Jimco will send an invoice to the agency or reseller with the original purchase price, excluding costs transport/shipping and insurance cargo to port of destination.
Agency or reseller has to pay the purchase price invoice 100 % in advance to Jimco.
When Jimco has received the payment, Jimco will send cargo to port of destination by transporter .
Agency or reseller has to pay the transport/shipping to
Agency or reseller has to pay Import duties to the local transporter or customs port of destination and let the cargo deliver to the address of destination.
Delivery time in principle 2 weeks, depends on how the stock is or how busy the productions in Denmark are.
We cannot make it more fun and cheaper !

MAC 500S

MAC 500 all cabinet colours, with timer 8000 hours lamp


OZ 2000 grey/stainless, with timer 8000 hours lamp

FLO-D Mini

FLO-D Mini system


Lamp 8 watt for MAC 500


Lamp 16 watt for OZ 1000 and OZ 2000


Handle for OZ 1000 or  OZ 2000

Fan MAC500S

Fan for MAC 500

Fan OZ1000/2000

Fan for OZ 1000 or  OZ 2000

On/Off switch

On-off mains switchknop for MAC 500 or OZ 1000/OZ 2000


Timer 8000 hours for lamp MAC 500 /OZ1000/OZ2000 (strongly recommended)